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Himalayan Salt Cave Therapy

In the mid-eighteenth century, Polish physician Feliks Boczkowski discovered, upon examining the differences between their respective respiratory systems, that salt miners did not have the same health issues as coal miners. In fact, the former miners were actually healthier than usual. Further research led him to publish a book on the health benefits that come from inhaling salt dust. The first-ever salt clinic was established shortly thereafter near Krakow in Poland and it’s still treating patients to this day. The same principles that fueled Dr. Boczkowski’s research almost two-hundred years ago are still being applied today in our Himalayan salt cave therapy practices at Park Ave Cosmetic Center.

The main objective of Himalayan salt cave therapy is to have a positive effect on your respiratory system. The negative ions present in salt particles can help purify the air around them, cleansing your respiratory system and increasing your lung capacity. This leads to a potential relief to those who suffer from chronic respiratory issues such as asthma, allergies, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or chronic sinus congestion. By helping to reduce inflammation and lessen mucus production, Himalayan salt therapy can allow for a cleaner, easier flow of air into your lungs. While it’s no substitute for medical examinations or procedures, it is a great add-on therapy that can help you feel better while battling breathing issues.

Himalayan salt contains dozens of different minerals that, upon exposure, can be absorbed through your skin, allowing you to take in the natural benefits of the therapy while relaxing and disconnecting yourself from the outside world. These minerals attract moisture to your skin, helping you battle dryness and discomfort without the need for expensive chemical-based products. Individuals with skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema have even shown improvements upon exposure to Himalayan salt cave therapy due to the salt’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities.

Even on top of all the aforementioned benefits of Himalayan salt therapy, the environment itself is a key part of the process. The practice involves isolating yourself from the outside world for a short period of time on a semi-regular basis. This allows you to remove yourself from the more stressful components of your life and to take some time to focus on yourself and on your own well-being. The meditative environment in which salt therapy takes place allows you to really concentrate on the benefits of the process, enhancing the self-care aspects of the therapeutic session. Park Ave Cosmetic Center can provide such an environment for you to enjoy the health benefits of Himalayan salt therapy in a comfortable and attainable way.

Flotation Therapy (Coming Soon)

If you are looking for an unconventional way to ease your body into relaxation and general wellness, salt flotation therapy is the way to go. Trust us, if you find yourself constantly burdened by the strain of poor sleep, accumulated stress, and unrelenting tension, you might be surprised by the positive effects of regular flotation therapy. The practice, which in theory dates back centuries, consists of disconnecting yourself from the stressors of your daily life and taking the time to float in salt-saturated water for a short period of time and on a regular basis. While in concept this might sound silly, in practice its effects on the body are palpable and efficient.

This is not just filling up your bathtub and pouring in some table salt. This therapeutic approach to floating in saltwater goes all the way back to King Herod’s health resort in the Dead Sea over two thousand years ago. The salts that infuse the water are Epsom Salts, which act as an exfoliant for your skin. Consistent and thorough exposure to these salts has a positive effect on the look, feel, and health of your skin, your hair, and your nails. But their impact goes deeper than just the surface — Epsom salts can help prevent inflammation on your muscles and joints, therapeutically treating strains and sprains across the muscular system.

The 30% salt solution in the water allows you to effortlessly float on top of the water, exerting little to no tension or strain on the body. Weightlessly floating in this environment is so relaxing that it can even lull you to sleep, for there is a total lack of pressure points acting upon the body. This naturally eases your spine into elongating and strengthening itself, inflicting a state of regeneration (similar to that of a good night’s sleep) upon you as you float.

Salt flotation therapy clears your mind from any outside distractions, decreasing stress on the mind and encouraging a serene mindset afterward. The treatment is likely the closest you will get to being completely free of abstraction from the physical world. You won’t even be aware of your own weight as you aimlessly float in an environment specially designed to ease you into a meditative state. Park Ave Cosmetic Center has developed the perfect space for effective salt flotation therapy, providing the optimal conditions for the ultimate in self-care as well as a physical and mental therapeutic experience.