Rx grade skin renewal system

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Revepeel TCL


Includes: Clinical peel & at home post procedure kit with cleanser, retinol, spf & healing balm.

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How long will my face peel for?

Your skin will start to peel from day 3 to day 6. Not all patients peel. The more dead skin you have the more your skin will peel. Using your retinol will add to the cellular turnover and peeling process.

Discontinue use of these products 7 days prior to the peel: Any products containing retinoic acid , any strong topical or exfoliating products containing AHA, BHA, or benzoyl peroxide that may dry or irritate the skin.

Pregnancy or active breast feeding, open wounds, sunburn, infected irritated or extremely sensitive skin, active cold sores, herpes simplex or warts in the area to be treated, accutane use within 6 months, allergies to salicylates (aspirin) or ingredients in this peel, dermatitis and inflammatory rosacea, patients with a history of herpes infection need to start antiviral medical treatment one week prior to this peel and continue for 7 days.