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​​Advanced HCG Diet Plan


​​Advanced HCG Diet Plan


What Is HCG?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a naturally occuring hormone. HCG hormone helps control the hypothalamus which regulates our hunger and eating behavior. With the help of HCG the hypothalamus will also release any abnormal fat accumulated throughout the body, making it available for our body to use. In order to be successful with the program, patients need to be on a very low calorie diet. While on a diet, the patients on HCG will use their own mobilized fat as their source of energy. However, if you are on a very low calorie diet without HCG, you may simply starve yourself and may have serious consequences. Our licensed physician or physician assistants can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Schedule an appointment now and let us help you lose weight.

Why HCG?

  • Lose up to a pound a day.
  • No exercise required.
  • Targets hard to reach fat in underarm, belly, hips, and thighs.
  • Reduces hunger.
  • Lose inches.

HCG Prescription Drops vs. HCG prescription Injections vs. Homeopathic HCG

HCG prescription injections: most costly, tedious to use, painful for some, may have some tenderness at injection site. Needs to be adminstered by self once a day. Maybe the most effective whan large amouts of weight loss is necessary. (greater than 35 lbs).

HCG prescription drops: less expensive, non -invasive, easy to use. Need higher dose and twice a day administration to off set lower absorption rates.

HCG Homeopathic drops: 
Less effective with slower weight loss.
Easy to administer, and much less expensive. May be ideal when weigh loss goals is 25 lbs or less.  Some grades of homeopathic HCG include lipotropics and metabolic boosters to enhance the performance of HCG, and to provide the body with nutrition, protection, and to increase metabolism. If you’re a natural, holistic  person  you’ll love that you have this option of HCG to choose from. 

Prescription HCG diet drops:
 Injections are the original form of HCG. However this does not guarantee a better, more effective product. In the end its the conscience dieter who has the best results.