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Botox Treatments

November 10, 2019

Botox is the most common non-surgical treatment in America for a reason. It works. With this injectable, you can look younger and feel better in a variety of ways. At Park Ave. Cosmetic Center, we can make sure that you receive the right Botox treatments. Our trained professionals have been providing these injections for a…

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Pros and Cons of Different Methods of Eyebrow Shaping in Atlanta

October 21, 2019

It’s all about the eyebrows. Regardless of gender, people are turning to different techniques and methods in order to properly take care of their eyebrows and make sure they have a clean, defined look. While there are a lot of varying approaches to eyebrow shaping in Atlanta, not all of them will be for everybody,…

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This Skin Tightening Body Lift Kit Lifts More Than Just Your Skin

September 6, 2019

You work hard and you take care of yourself. You try to eat right and you get in some exercise when you can. If you’re like so many people, as you age, you may find that you still have loose, sagging skin. Even someone who leads the healthiest lifestyle, eats only nutritionally-balanced meals, and follows…

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Is an IV Infusion Facial the Solution to the Strain on Your Skin?

August 30, 2019

Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to survive awards season? They have so many events, almost on a nightly basis, and in each one of these they drink and stay out late. What’s even more important, throughout these events they are promoting themselves, so it’s vital that they look well-rested and fresh every time…

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The Best Procedures for Wrinkle Removal in Atlanta

August 28, 2019

No one likes to deal with the visible consequences of aging. You can pretend you can still read the restaurant menu without your glasses, but you can’t hide the wrinkles on your face by yourself. The good thing is that with the advent of cosmetic technology and non-surgical treatments, wrinkle removal has never been easier,…

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