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Healthy Skin During Quarantine

3 Ways for Healthy Skin During Quarantine

Have you noticed how your skin has changed during this quarantine period? Is it purely coincidence or is there scientific data behind these changes? Well you are in luck because at Park Ave Cosmetic Center we have found the very specific causes that can cause damage to your skin during this pandemic shut down.  You would think that having some time off to spend at home would make for better sleep and by default healthy looking skin. Wrong! Healthy skin while in quarantine has become a challenge. The uncertainty and loss of our way of life has created stress and anxiety levels at an all-time high.

Pre Covid-19 we were used to the obvious daily stress factors. Perhaps you did not like your boss at work or maybe you were not making enough money, perhaps you struggled with finding time for yourself. Fast forward to April 2020 and those stress factors seem like a piece of cake. We’ve gone from first world problems to real world problems and guess what? It shows on your face. If you are engaging in any of these three daily bad skin care habits, these tips may be able to help you balance the negative effects.

Jessica Park, founder of Park Ave Cosmetic Center has shared some healthy skin beauty tips on how you can combat these three bad skin care habits and enjoy healthy looking skin.

Healthy Skin Tip # 1

Reduce Tension Stress and anxiety can be a major cause for muscle tension around your face. These tense muscles turn into frowns and those dreaded number elevens between your eyes. Since we are in a shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic Botox at Park Ave Cosmetic Center is certainly not available. What’s else can you do to smooth out the wrinkles? Being conscious of your muscle tension is key. As soon as you wake up and before you go to bed right before your beauty routine you can give yourself a face massage. Concentrate on the muscles where you feel the most tightness. After working on many of our patients faces, I realized the majority of tension is held between the eyes or the jaw. You can use a face friendly oil like a vitamin E, grapeseed or castor oil to make massaging easier. Add some relaxation music while you are doing it and turn the massage into a meditation ritual. Both your skin and your soul will thank you for it.

Tip # 2

Are you drinking too much alcohol? Let’s be honest, the data shows that alcohol sales have spiked during this pandemic. So more than likely you are drinking more than usual. I don’t blame you, so am I. Since asking everyone to stop drinking would be highly naïve of my part I have come up with a better solution. Have a glass of water in between drinks. Dehydration will rob you of healthy skin during your quarantine. Waking up with puffy eyes and bags under your eyes? More than likely you are dehydrated. Keep a jar of water by your bed and add some cucumber slices for a refreshing drink in between your wine glass refill.

Tip # 3

Unless you are Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner you probably don’t have a skin care routine. At Park Ave Cosmetic Center we have implemented skin care virtual consultations to navigate the sea of facial products available. Shopping for skin care products can be very intimidating as there are so many products available in the market. It is imperative that you understand that skin care is like working out. Doing it one will not produce results. If you are like many Americans who are price conscious during this time I recommend that you start out with three simple products. A cleanser (gentle) a scrub or polish and a toner. The cleanser will kill bacteria and clean your skin. The scrub or polish will remove dead skin cells in order for your skin to breath and minimize pores. The toner will balance the PH of your face for a healthy overall complexion. At Park Ave Cosmetic Center we recommend ZO Skin Health medical grade products that can help you build a healthy skin care routine so that you can continue a healthy skin care regimen during your quarantine.  Visit our online store