Erectile dysfunction/ P-SHOT

Male Sexual Enhancement – P Shot

What is the P Shot?

The Priapus Shot enhances a man’s sexual performance. With the PRP Shot, men can expect:

  • Firmer Erections
  • Increased size — may gain up to two inches!
  • Better circulation and blood flow for improved sexual health
  • More stamina
  • Improved sensation and increased pleasure
  • Enhanced sexual performance, and more self-esteem

The Priapus Shot uses the clinically proven medical procedure called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy. PRP is taken from the patient’s blood. The platelets containing growth factors are separated from your blood cells with the use of a special centrifuge.

What is left is plasma enriched with increased platelet volume. PRP is a concentration of the body’s natural healing nutrients. In the PRP Shot, the concentration of platelets and the healing growth factors are as much as ten times greater than ordinary plasma.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“This medical spa is beautiful and welcoming. The staff are very knowledgeable, professional and talented. Becky the registered nurse gave me an excellent facial and microdermabrasion. She also educated me on what I can do at home with my skin care routine. Can’t wait to return and try all the other services they offer!”

– Jocelyn Rae Cooper

“Park Ave Cosmetic Center was a fabulous experience from start to finish! From the moment I walked in I was treated like a queen. The staff is very welcoming and friendly, which made me feel really comfortable! They offer a variety of services with so many different specialized professionals to get exactly what you are looking for. Cant wait to go back!”

– Samantha Brown

“From start to finish my experience was fantastic. Everyone was extremely professional. The facility was extremely clean and inviting. They provide an extraordinary list of services, I personally received microblading. They made sure I was comfortable, I was very taken care of. I highly recommend Park Ave Cosmetic Center.”

– Cassie Townsend
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