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Regain Your Sex Life With a PRP For Erectile Dysfunction

Ask any man what one of the worst non-life threatening health ailments to have would be, and we are 100% confident that erectile dysfunction would be right up there at the top of the list. Not being able to perform sexually is not only a physical problem, but it can also lead to a number of mental health problems, with much frustration and a lack of confidence making many men feel less than normal. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, though, for those who are suffering with erectile dysfunction issues. Treatments for erectile dysfunction are gaining in popularity year by year as the stigma of the condition lessens and people are no longer restricted to visiting their doctor for a solution. This isn’t a problem that needs to be hidden away anymore. Here is some more information about how to regain your sex life with PRP for erectile dysfunction.

  • What Is A PRP Shot?

Also known as a Priapus Shot, PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. This is a procedure that involves extracting PRP from a patient’s own blood and separating the platelets that contain growth factors from the cells in a special centrifuge. After this process is complete, you are left with plasma that is increased in volume and enriched, and this is then given back to the patient in the form of a shot. On average, the PRP for erectile dysfunction shot can have a growth factor this is up to ten times greater than ordinary plasma.

  • What To Expect?

After a single P-Shot, many patients have reported improved erections, an increase in the length (at least half-inch and up to two inches) and girth of their penis and the sexual stamina of a younger, healthier individual. Some also report increased sensation. In addition to these instant improvements, there are a lot of advantages in having a PRP over any other type of erectile dysfunction treatment. These include the lack of side effects such as headaches or flushing, no serious reactions due to the natural healing elements of the solution, a long lasting effect which means lower recurring costs and no pills or prescriptions to keep having to remember to take on a regular basis.

  • Who Are PRP Candidates?

When it comes to who would be a good candidate for PRP shot treatment, it is fair to say that the procedure suits almost any male who has been suffering from erection failure and erection loss. A PRP shot can be the thing that delivers a patient from potentially years of erectile dysfunction.

If problems with your sex drive and ability to perform are currently taking up too much focus in your life, then you might be an ideal candidate for PRP for erectile dysfunction treatment. Park Ave Cosmetic and similar spa spaces are becoming much more mainstream in their treatments for these problems, so don’t feel embarrassed or awkward about seeking help.