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Advanced HCG Weight Loss for a Simpler Life

What would you do if you could lose a pound a day without exercise? Would you go to the beach more often? Would you go talk to that special someone that you might have been too shy to otherwise? Or, if you’re already with someone, would you go somewhere or do something that you might not have otherwise? This might sound like a fantasy, a daydream, an impossibility – but it’s not. With our advanced HCG weight loss treatment, you really can lose one pound a day, with no exercise required.

Advanced Weight Loss Redefined 

If you’re like most folks who have been struggling with eating too much, you probably feel hungry all of the time. Maybe you eat three full meals a day, yet you rarely feel satiated and end up snacking too much at night. That’s where this HCG comes in. HCG is an acronym for “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin,” which is a hormone that regulates hunger and eating. This treatment not only makes it easier to control your hunger, but you can also now utilize that fat that has, quite literally, just been “sitting there” on your body.

Advanced HCG: Turning Fat into Energy 

To simplify the science quite a bit, we eat to get energy. Of course, when we eat too much, we don’t use all of that which we take in – which can lead to fat. This treatment was specifically designed to be able to help with that. So, the HCG in this treatment tells your hypothalamus: “hey, there’s all this abnormal fat just sitting around the body. Let’s use it for fuel.” Then, instead of that fat simply just hanging off of your body, it can be used and burned. That way, not only will you have a thinner frame, you’ll be able to specifically target fat you’ve wanted to remove.

Eliminate the Fat You Don’t Want

One of the major benefits of this advanced HCG weight loss treatment is that you don’t have to exercise for it to work. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with exercise, it has many health benefits in addition to weight loss. However, if you are exercising for weight loss, you may have noticed that it’s hard to lose fat in just one particular area. Sure, you might do a million crunches and so forth, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get rid of fat just around your midsection. This treatment, however, makes it possible. In fact, it can target that fat that seemingly never goes away, such as in the belly, hips, and even the thighs.

Find Out If this Treatment is Right for You 

Weight loss is one of those things that you can try on your own, but if you’re really serious about it, truly searching for a lasting solution, then you’re going to want to have some real professionals on your side. We can help. At Park Ave. Cosmetic Center, we’ve got licensed physicians and physicians assistants who can put together a treatment plan so you can hit your weight loss goals. For more: (770) 299-1493.